A NEWPORT man has been given a suspended sentence for possession and supplying of a class A drug.

Aaron Hassan, 41 of George Street, Newport, received a six-month prison sentence suspended for 18-months after admitting possession of crack cocaine and selling the drug.

Newport Crown Court heard how Hassan was caught on CCTV at 8.15am on December 5, 2019, taking five wraps out of a black torch.

Speaking at the sentence, Larry Wynn Morgan, prosecuting, said: “The defendant showed the five wraps to another man who took one and gave him £10. He then put the remaining four wraps back into the torch.”


Hassan was searched and arrested, and a more thorough search was carried out at the police station. There they found the torch with four wraps of crack cocaine, with each weighing 0.31g. The street value of the total of the drugs came to £40.

Ben Waters, defending, said the defendant is a drug addict.

Hassan’s statement was read out which said: “I bought the drugs for myself, paying £50 for the five wraps.

“I was approached by a friend who is also an addict who asked if I had any. I sold him one wrap for £10, which is what I paid for it.

“They were intended for my own use.”

Hassan has had nine convictions for 13 previous offences, including three drug-related offences from 2000 and 20001 for possession of a class B drug.

Recorder D Bould handed Hassan a six-month sentence, suspended for 18-months. Hassan was also ordered to pay £122 within three months and to complete a drug rehabilitation order.