A HOLIDAY travel company is offering pet owners an opportunity like no other – reviewing holiday cottages alongside their pet pooch.

Canine Cottages has announced that they are taking applications for the position of canine critic.

For the fourth year, the firm is looking for pets and their owners to review cottage holidays in the UK.

All told, 10 positions are up for grabs, and applicants from across the UK – including Newport and Gwent, are encouraged to apply.

According to the company, successful applicants will be “responsible for reviewing cottage holidays, getting involved on their social channels and sniffing out the very best adventures across the UK”.

However, the application process is said to be fiercely competitive.

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In its first year, Canine Critics said that they received just over 7,000 applications.

Last year, it has been revealed that there were more than 60,000.

But, the prize at the end of the process appears well worth it.

Each of the 10 chosen pups (and their owners) receive a £1,000 voucher for a cottage holiday, and a doggy bag full of treats.

What’s more, the successful dogs will be celebrated on the Canine Cottages website and appear regularly across the company’s social media channels.

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How to apply

The application process is said to be fairly simple – though dogs interested in applying will likely need some human help.

All told, an online application form needs filling out, and a picture of the dog needs uploading.

This year, the judging panel will be joined by two new judges – Ali Taylor, head of canine behaviour at Battersea, and TV star Paul O’Grady.

What has been said about the process?

Canine Cottages PR and communications manager, Shannon Keary said: “Canine Critics 2020 was just the light-hearted fun we all needed, and it’s been a pleasure to send so many beautiful pups on their holidays this year to explore what the UK has to offer.

“Although the judging process is never easy, the last litter of Critics have been wonderful, and we’ve all got to know and love each of them.

“This year, we’re recruiting another 10 four-legged friends to join our pack and explore with their humans, giving their paw of approval to our canine-friendly properties.”

Full details can be found on the Canine Cottages website and you do not need to have travelled with Canine Cottages previously to apply.  Previous applicants may also enter.

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