NEWPORT-based Island Steel is extending its stay in the city, signing a new agreement to remain at the Port of Newport for another 10 years.

And, as part of this arrangement with port owners Associated British Ports (ABP), the steel service centre is set to be expanded.

Since moving in to the port in 1994, Island Steel has occupied a purpose-built 100,000sq ft facility.

The site, which is entirely powered by on-site produced solar energy, is set to grow by 1.2 acres.

According to ABP, this expansion will allow Island Steel “to further develop its relationship with the port and the wider steel industry, whilst maintaining its stellar health and safety record”.

The new section of the site will be used to start offering toll processing services, as part of the firm’s plans to reduce its carbon footprint, and reduce the effect of shortages within the haulage industry.

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What has been said about the news?

Helen Thomas, head of proper for Wales and Short Sea Ports said: “Across its ports, ABP handles almost 2 million tonnes of steel a year, with Newport handling nearly 500,000 tonnes a year.

“Island Steel has been a long-standing customer at Newport, and we are delighted they have chosen to continue our partnership for a further 10 years, helping reaffirm South Wales’ position in the UK’s steel industry.”

Alex Roberts, managing director, Island Steel UK, said: "We are delighted to have agreed the extension to Island Steel's site with ABP.

“Not only does the expansion allow us to develop with ABP, but it also allows us to develop for our suppliers, our customers and for the wider steel industry."

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Along with the announcement of Island Steel’s expansion, Associated British Ports has also revealed that property and leasing opportunities at the Newport site remain for other businesses and interested parties.

Anyone who is interested in the site is urged to contact ABP’s property agents Jenkins Best, or visit for more information.

More information about Island Steel can be found online here.