USK Show returned to the agricultural calendar at the weekend after the cancellation of last year's event.

Crowds flocked to the showground, just outside the town, to see all manner of countryside attractions - from horseriding displays, livestock and machinery to axe demonstrations and even motorcycle stunts.

However, such was demand that there have been numerous reports of waits to get in as long a three hours - with many turning back before gaining access to the show ground.

The South Wales Argus has been told that some of those who waited for hours have requested refunds.

Debra King said: "Two hours 36 minutes to get from New Inn to Usk - about 10 miles - never again.

"Takes less time to get to the Royal Welsh or anything at the NEC in Birmingham

"We were sent to the glider field to park even though there were great swathes of space in the main car park we could see as we drove past (because people were already leaving by the time we got there).

"We walked in past all the horse trailers and nobody even checked our tickets - so much for buy online beforehand.

"Goodness knows how many people just walked in like we did."


Caroline Phillips had an even longer wait.

"It took three hours to get from Pontypool," she said.

"By the time we got there the show was all but over, never again."

Becky Seivad said: "Two hours to move about 100yds with a child in the car to occupy.

"Absolutely horrific traffic management

"We turned around and went home. I don’t think we would have ever got to the gates if we had stayed in the traffic."

Lizzie Thomas said that she believed the event was over sold.

"Three hours and 35 minutes and I live 20 mins away, ridiculous worst traffic I ever seen in this local area," she said.

"This should become a two-day event."

Rhiannon Hoskings said: "Left the house at half 10 from Newport and was at a stand still for about two hours, with grandparents and a dog who was getting irritated so ended up giving up.

"We have requested a refund."

However, Ella-dee Selvester said that forward planning was the answer.

"Fully aware these things are really popular so expect a lot of traffic the later you leave," she said.

"We left Newport at 830am were in just gone 9am.

"I don't understand people who leave to travel around lunch time and think they won't queue."

The organisers of Usk Show were contacted for comment.