THE water in a Newport sinkhole has turned fluorescent green as council contractors work to secure the area.

Cromwell Road has been closed to motorists for the past week after a sinkhole was discovered on the road.

The cause of the sinkhole, a bricked culvert carrying an historic water course running under the carriageway, was discovered late on Friday afternoon.

The road will remain closed while the culvert is repaired by contractors.

Lliswerry councillor Allan Morris said that the Contractors have now gained access to the culvert and checked the extent of the damage.


"The culvert will be relined with large plastic pipes," he said.

"They are waiting for delivery of specialist connecting collars as both sides of the culvert are of different diameter."

He revealed that the fluorescent green liquid spotted at the bottom of the sinkhole is a council marker dye confirming the flow route of the reen.

Meanwhile, the council have put up more of what Cllr Morris is referring to as "imbecile-proof" fencing to stop motorists driving over the unsafe patch of road.

"There is as much effort going in to thwarting the idiots that continue to try to drive through an obviously closed road as there is repairing the culvert," he said.

"In fairness the neighbours are very vigilant.

"All vehicles are being photographed and reported to the police."