THE biggest Sainsbury’s supermarket in Wales – the Newport superstore, was left unable to sell many of its fresh products this weekend.

Earlier today (Sunday, September 19), it was reported that the huge supermarket on Albany Street, on the edge of the city, was having some trouble with its fridges.

As a result, shoppers inside the huge store were left facing rows of empty fridges, as, due to the issue with the equipment, they were unable to store fresh produce at the correct temperature.

Those visiting the store for their weekly shop were unable to pick up even the most basic of essentials such as milk during this time.

Other popular items such as cheese were also said to be missing from the shop floor, while a couple of fridges unaffected by the problem remained functioning, selling a small quantity of meat.

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A representative from Sainsbury’s has confirmed to the Argus that the shortage of fresh produce at the Newport superstore came as a result of “a temporary fault”, with many of the fridges, rather than any suggestion that it came as a result of supply chain issues.

In recent weeks, many shops and businesses have seen shelves laid bare, or supplies running short, due to problems with the supply chain.

This has come as a result of lorry driver shortages due to Brexit, along with the pressures that the pandemic have placed upon the haulage industry.

It is not known for how long the Sainsbury’s store in Newport was affected, though it appears to be an isolated incident, with no similar problems reported at their city centre store in John Frost Square.

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The store representative confirmed that the issues with the fridges was resolved as quickly as possible, and as of 2.30pm, they were once again fully functional.

A Sainsbury’s spokeswoman said: “The fridges are up and running again in our Newport superstore.

“There was a temporary fault that is now fixed.”