MORE than 40 vehicles have been stopped in Abergavenny as part of Gwent Police's latest crackdown on motoring offences.

Operation Utah identifies those driving vehicles which are not road safe or are being driven illegally. 

The multi-agency initiative took place on September 8 and saw:

• 42 vehicles inspected
• 19 traffic offences recorded – including mobile phone use, invalid MOT and insecure loads
• 24 roadworthiness prohibitions issued where vehicles were/will be taken off the road
• 10 notices issued for drivers to rectify vehicle defects
• four vehicles seized for no insurance or tax
• two people reported for driving without tax
• four taxis dealt with for licence breaches
• five parking tickets issued by the council.


PC Elliot Morgan said: "Those who choose to break the law on our roads, driving vehicles that aren’t roadworthy, not only put themselves at risk but other road users too.
"Focused operations such as this see significant results in increasing safety. In this instance, 12 vehicles, which were not safe to drive, were immediately taken off the road.
"Driving irresponsibly, or not maintaining the condition of your vehicle, is not acceptable and, together with our partners, we will continue to target those who break the law in this way.

"If you're concerned about unroadworthy vehicles, or vehicles being driven illegally, call us on 101 or DM us."