A PROTEST against the £20 cut to Universal Credit will be held in the centre of Newport tomorrow.

More than 17,000 Newport families will be affected by the cut, nearly half of whom are in work.

There are concerns that the cut will cause an increase in poverty and homelessness and increase demand on foodbanks.

For a low income family, the cut is equivalent to six days energy supply or three days food.

Newport's MPs, MSs and Unite Community members are joining together to urge local people to add their voices to those demanding that the cut be cancelled.

They will be running a street stall, leafleting and asking people to join a mass mailing urging the UK government to stop the cut.


Campaigners will also be taking a 'Cutometer' into town, a device which will allow local people to show where they stand on the issue.

Newport’s MPs and Senedd members are all backing the campaign.

Ruth Jones MP said: "I have voted at every stage to cancel the cut to Universal Credit. 

"The cuts to Universal Credit will push 9,000 households including almost 6,000 children in Newport West into further poverty, forcing these families to make difficult financial decisions, and in the worst case scenario, decisions between putting food on the table or having a place to sleep. 

 "I have seen the huge impact the £20 uplift has had on local people in Newport West.”

Jessica Morden MP said: “The cut to Universal Credit will leave low earners and working families in Newport East and across the country more than £1000 a year worse off.

"The cut comes at a time when energy bills and food prices are rising, and the government have now chose to accompany it with a rise in National Insurance which will disproportionately hit the low-paid.
"As Keir Starmer highlighted in the Commons this week, that fact that the government are cutting Universal Credit - at the same time as splashing out billions on crony contracts and handing out super-tax deductions for the biggest companies - speaks volumes about where their priorities lie.

"I voted against the cut in Parliament this week and Labour will continue to oppose it."