DRIVERS across Gwent rushed to the pumps today to stock up on fuel after a UK-wide shortage due to the ongoing issues with the lack of HGV drivers.

On Thursday, BP said it had closed a “handful” of its petrol forecourts due to a lock of available fuel.

At around lunchtime, Sainsbury's in Newport had run out of diesel and was turning people away.

In Risca, the queues were along the stretch of road near the Tesco filling stattion, almost to the front of the store.

There were similar scenes in Chepstow and Caldicot.

A “small number” of Tesco refilling stations have also been impacted, said Esso owner ExxonMobil, which runs the sites.

He said: “As of last night, five petrol stations on the BP network out of 12 or 13 hundred were affected.

“I’m meeting this morning with Tesco and I’m sure they’ll give me the update for themselves.

“None of the other retailers said they had any closures.”


He added: “The others, Asda, Morrisons and other supermarkets, are saying they have no problems, as have other petrol companies.”

The AA told drivers not to “fill up outside of their normal routines” as petrol stations across the UK see huge queues at forecourts as drivers rush to get petrol following warnings.

They said that most of the UK's forecourts are working as they should, with president Edmund King saying: "There is no shortage of fuel and thousands of forecourts are operating normally with just a few suffering temporary supply chain problems.

"Fridays and the weekend always tend to be busier on forecourts as drivers either combine filling up with shopping runs, prepare for weekend trips or refuel for the start of the new working week.

"Drivers should not fill up outside their normal routines because, even if the occasional petrol station is temporarily closed, others just down the road will be open."

Commenting on Facebook, Georgia Leighton said: "People like driving instructors, delivery drivers buses and taxis (just to name a few) need that petrol and diesel before anyone else.
"Once again, being selfish like with the food when elderly and vulnerable couldn’t get anything. Seriously think about someone else for a change rather than yourselves."

Also on Facebook, Andrew Thomas said: "I hope frontline workers can go straight to the front of the queue, I hate to think how care workers delivering home care to vulnerable service users at home and hospital staff are supposed to manage."

A UK Government spokesperson said:  “There is no shortage of fuel in the UK, and people should continue to buy fuel as normal."