THE Welsh Ambulance Service has a plan in place should there be a disruption to fuel supply.

Due to a lack of HGV drivers BP has faced some issues with their supply of fuel which has resulted in huge queues at many petrol stations across the UK – despite people being asked not to panic buy.

If people continue to stockpile fuel there is a risk of a real fuel shortage affecting the nation, with many concerned about what this could mean for emergency services.

The Welsh Ambulance Service is not struggling at present and have reassured that there is a contingency plan in place should the situation escalate.


Director of operations at the Welsh Ambulance Service, Lee Brooks, said: “The Trust has a plan in place to continue to deliver a service in the event of a disruption to fuel supply.

“We’re working closely with our partners, including government, to better understand the picture across Wales and mitigate any risks as they arise.”

People are being told not to panic buy petrol as this has the potential to create fuel shortages.