POPULAR television programme Sex Education recently returned to our screens, and many people will have spotted a familiar location or two in the background.

The hit show, which airs on Netflix, has been filmed throughout South Wales and the surrounding areas.

Border areas around the Wye Valley have been the main filming location for the show throughout its first three seasons, but they are not alone.

Penarth, the Vale of Glamorgan, and Gwent have all gotten in on the action too, with one of the main locations a short distance away from Newport itself.

Scenes set at Moordale Secondary School were filmed at the former University of South Wales campus in Caerleon – a familiar sight for many.

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But, while some of the more recognisable, and widely publicised locations are well known in the local area, a few sites have flown a little under the radar.

That could be for a variety of reasons too.

Perhaps the site was only used for a couple of scenes.

Or, it may not have been recognisable enough to register on the radar of fans of the show.

Helpfully, home insurance firm money.co.uk has compiled a list of the most and least hidden filming locations.

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The most hidden Sex Education filming locations

It is worth noting, that the study used the number of hashtags used by Instagram users to determine the popularity of a filming location.

With this in mind, bigger places are likely to be considered more popular, by sheer volume.

It may not be an exact science, but it does give some insight into some of the less well known locations.

South Wales Argus: One of the less well known filming locations, in Symonds YatOne of the less well known filming locations, in Symonds Yat

Below, you can see the most hidden locations.

1: Sterrett’s Caravan Park, Symonds Yat

2: Bargain Woods, Monmouthshire

3: Browns Village Stores, Llandogo

4: Hawthorne Trenches, Elham

5: Shorncliffe Military Cemetery, Folkestone and Hythe

6: Redbrook Bridge, Monmouthshire/Gloucestershire

7: Fedw Woods, Monmouthshire

8: Brockweir Bridge, Monmouthshire/Gloucestershire

9: Caerleon Campus, University of South Wales, Newport

10: St Briavels Castle, Forest of Dean

The most popular filming locations

Having seen some of the less popular locations, you can now see the opposite – the locations where fans have visited in their thousands.

1: Folkestone, Kent

2: Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

3: Monmouth, Wales

4: Wye Valley, Welsh-English border

5: Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire

6: Margam Country Park, Port Talbot

7: Symonds Yat, Herefordshire

8: Tintern Old Railway, Chepstow

9: Harbour Arm, Folkestone

10: Mallards Pike, Gloucestershire