IT’S that time of year again.

As sure as summer turns to autumn, the new Fifa football game is just days away from release.

A day as important as Christmas Day to many gamers and football fans, Friday, October 1 sees Fifa 22 released worldwide.

But, ahead of the launch, fans of the hugely popular series have been preparing – by setting up their Ultimate Team squads, and by checking out the player ratings of their favourite players.

At the end of the day, an individual’s gaming ability will be the key factor in winning or losing, but the 11 virtual players on the field will player a part, too.

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In Fifa, each player is awarded a rating based on their real-life ability.

For fans, and the players themselves, late September is a clamour to see how good the virtual versions of real life players are.

Players and teams who enjoyed a good season last year can expect to see their in-game ratings rise – which is good news for the likes of Aston Villa and Borussia Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham.

On the flipside, those who struggled last term will see their in-game abilities declined.

Expect to have a greater challenge when playing as Arsenal or Gareth Bale for these reasons.

On a local level, the same applies for Newport County and The Exiles’ players.

Below, you can check out the player ratings for County’s squad in Fifa 22.

Newport County player ratings and potential


Joe Day GK – Overall 63. Potential 63.

Nick Townsend GK – Overall 63. Potential 65.


Cameron Norman RWB/RB – Overall 63. Potential 66.

Priestley Farquharson CB/RB – Overall 62. Potential 68.

Matty Dolan CB/CM – Overall 62. Potential 62.

Mickey Demetriou CB – Overall 64. Potential 64.

Ryan Haynes LWB/LB – Overall 65. Potential 68.

James Clarke CB – Overall 61. Potential 61.

Aaron Lewis RWB/LWB – Overall 62. Potential 68.

Louis Hall LWB – Overall 57. Potential 65.

Joe Woodiwiss CB – Overall 52. Potential 65.


Scot Bennett CM/CB – Overall 62. Potential 62.

Ed Upson CM/CDM – Overall 62. Potential 62.

Robbie Wilmott RM/RWB/RW – Overall 61. Potential 61.

Finn Azaz CM/CAM – Overall 63. Potential 74.

Christopher Missilou CM/CDM – Overall 62. Potential 62.

Aneurin Livermore CM/CAM – Overall 54. Potential 70.

Courtney Senior RM/LM – Overall 62. Potential 67.

Kevin Ellison LM/ST – Overall 58. Potential 58.

Jake Cain CAM/CM – Overall 59. Potential 75.

Oliver Cooper CAM/LW/RW – Overall 58. Potential 70.


Alex Fisher ST – Overall 59. Potential 59.

Jermaine Hylton RW/ST/LM – Overall 63. Potential 63.

Timmy Abraham ST/RW/LW – Overall 57. Potential 70.

Lewis Collins ST/RW – Overall 56. Potential 66.

Dom Telford ST – Overall 62. Potential 67.

Courtney Baker-Richardson ST – Overall 59. Potential 64.

Jordan Greenidge ST – Overall 58. Potential 68.

Fifa 22 is released on Friday, October 1, and is available at all major retailers.