CLAIMS that Newport is devoid of culture are being refuted in a typically creative manner.

In July it was announced Newport is bidding to become the UK City of Culture for 2025. If successful the city and surrounding areas will host a year-long programme of events, activities and projects that celebrate Newport’s diverse culture.

But the news was met with no small degree of negativity online, with some members of the public suggesting a lack of culture within Newport – making comments including “City of culture! What a joke!” and “There’s no culture here”.

In response to this, the 'No Culture Here' campaign was launched to highlight the huge array of culture which is in Newport, with creative Newportonians ironically changing their profile pictures to the words "no culture here".

South Wales Argus: Have you spotted creative folks in Newport using this image?Have you spotted creative folks in Newport using this image?

Projections - featuring phrases such as "culture cancelled" and "404 culture not found" - recently appeared on Newport buildings including Riverfront Theatre and Barnabas Arts House.

The campaign is run by volunteers, including David Daniel who said: "Most of us are used to negativity whatever the news is about Newport, and we know how hard we all work to make special things happen here.

"We also know that City of Culture status is aspirational - it's not awarded to places that are fully developed cultural hubs but that could be*with a little help and how City of Culture status can transform how people feel about a place, at a time when we could all use a boost. 

"Although we completely reject the idea that "There's no culture in Newport", we'd be very happy to see even more of it, which is what made the negativity surrounding the City of Culture bid extra frustrating."

South Wales Argus:

No Culture Here tries to take some of the negativity and turn it into a positive message through action and reminding the public of the range of cultural activities and opportunities within Newport.


The campaign’s website lists numerous businesses, events, groups, venues, individuals, campaigns, and more which showcase that there is plenty of culture (including music, theatre, comedy, art, photography, and literature).​

South Wales Argus:

Josh Cranton and Rhys Jones (Rhys DW) who created the Newport Rising graphic novel

People can visit the website, with the option to find out more about each thing included within the list.

The list is not definitive - those with an event they'd like included can e-mail with details.