FIVE years since it was first given the green light, new nuclear power station Hinkley Point C is being supplied by 200 Welsh companies.

The Somerset-based power plant currently employs around 1,100 Welsh workers and has spent £255 million on businesses across Wales.

Around 3,000 workers from Wales helped to build the power station and Hinkley Point C list William Hare in Risca, Vescco of Bridgend, Express Reinforcement in Neath and Hanson in Port Talbot as key suppliers.

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At William Hare in Risca, contracts of more than £135 million led the company to make a multi-million-pound investment to expand their factory.

The company is hoping to expand their staff in Risca to 100 workers from the 60 currently employed.

The Risca factory has nine apprentices.  

Work from William Hare is vital in supporting what Hinkley Point C say is the world’s most powerful turbine.

Hinkley Point C managing director Stuart Crooks said: "We have worked hard to ensure as many Welsh businesses as possible can win contracts at Hinkley Point C and hundreds of skilled Welsh workers are with us every day on site. 

"The contracts for Hinkley Point C will build and sustain skills in Welsh industry, which will be essential in helping the country’s businesses win work at future nuclear projects in Wales and England."

The development Hinkley Point C is thought to be essential in helping the UK achieve net zero emissions by providing low carbon electricity to meet seven per cent of national demand

This will be as well as other national power efforts such as wind and solar generation as the country looks to replace fossil fuels like coal and gas.   


Ian Price, CBI Wales director, said: "Nuclear power will play an important role in meeting the UK’s energy needs as we look to build a net zero economy that’s both competitive and sustainable in the long term. 

"With Hinkley Point C located on the doorstep of Wales, it’s great to see EDF making a sustained commitment to Welsh firms and workers – delivering real benefits to the wider Welsh economy.

"Embedding these vital skills in future generations, through on-site training and apprenticeships, will help to keep high-skilled jobs in Welsh communities, as well as building Wales’s growing reputation as a go-to destination for talent across the energy sector."