A CAMPAIGNER for water quality in Welsh rivers to be improved has said she will stop paying her sewage bill until action is taken.

Angela Jones, an environmentalist, outdoor adventure and wild swim specialist has been swimming the rivers Wye and Usk for decades.

She has been campaigning for water quality in Wesh rivers to be improved for some time - recently towing a coffin down the Wye to bring visual attention to the cause.

"We are on the verge of no return with the devastation we are causing the highly protected ecosystem of the Wye," Ms Jones said.

"The only way I know to move forward is to stop paying my sewage bill.

"I don’t believe in aggressive campaigning, I just want change."

Ms Jones also recently welcomed Monmouth MP David Davies for a wild swim and a chat about the quality of river water in the area.


In a letter sent to Welsh Water, Ms Jones outlined her plan to stop paying her sewage bill until action is taken to clean up the rivers.

"I have been monitoring and logging for many years the effects that your CSO releases have had on our ecosystem and wildlife," she wrote.

"I will not stand by and allow this any longer.

"I don’t choose to throw my toilet waste in the river, so I’m certainly not paying you to do just that."

She accused Welsh Water of having adopted a "fingers up approach" to what she branded the "devastation" being caused to the environment.

A Welsh Water spokesperson said: “As a not for profit company, the funding we receive via customers’ bills allow us to provide essential water and wastewater services to our customers.
"Whilst we cannot comment on indvidual cases, customers who choose not to pay their water bills will not only increase the financial challenge we face as a company, as we try to improve the network and protect the environment, but will transfer the cost burden on to other customers – many of whom are struggling to make ends meet.
"Non-payment of bills will only exacerbate the problems we’re facing, and this is why if customers choose not to pay their bills, it is only fair to others customers that we take the necessary steps to recover the debt.

"We encourage any customers who are struggling to pay their water bills due to financial difficulties to contact us.”

According to the Citizen's Advice Bureau, in the event of an unpaid or not fully paid water bill, the water compnay can, as a last resort, take you to court to get a county court judgment to recover the money you owe.

This may then lead to contact from a bailiff company.