MOTORISTS in Monmouthshire may have been left with a smirk on their face after spotting an unfortunate mistake on a road sign.

The sign was located on the B4245 between Undy and Magor and reads “Pan fo'r golau n gock, arhoswch yma”.

The fact that there is no 'K' in the Welsh alphabet aside, the placement of the screw on the 'G' of 'gock' caused some passers-by to double take, thinking that it was in fact a 'C' and was spelling something else entirely.

The sign should of course read “Pan fo'r golau n goch, arhoswch yma” or 'When red light shows, wait here'.


The woman who originally posted the image online did not want to be named.

However, she said: "My first reaction was to laugh to myself, while thinking they really didn’t check that with a Welsh speaker did they?

"Then I thought I’d share it as it might make a few people chuckle to and we all need a laugh nowadays."

The sign was installed by contractors working on behalf of Monmouthshire County Council (MCC).

An MCC spokesperson said: "We’ve looked into this and the offending sign belongs to a contractor who is carrying out work on behalf of the council.

"The council has already been in touch with the contractor who has promised to rectify the error as soon as possible.

"The Welsh text should read PAN FO’R GOLAU YN GOCH ARHOSWCH YMA.

"t seems that the word for redCOCH – has been correctly mutated to GOCH but the final letter H has been mistaken for a K."