NEWPORT and Gwent endured a weekend of torrid weather, with heavy rain falling across the region for much of Saturday and Sunday.

The question on everyone’s lips this morning is a simple one - can we expect more of the same, or are conditions set to improve?

According to the Met Office, the region is set to see more heavy rain.

So much so, that a yellow eather warning has been issued covering much of South Wales.

While Monday has started out much brighter and drier than the weekend for the most part – conditions look set to take a turn for the worse later in the day.

In Newport, there are no prolonged periods of heavy rainfall predicted until late in the day – from around 8pm onwards.

There are also scattered showers throughout the day.

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Temperatures are unlikely to rise higher than 15 degrees in the city at any point either.

All in all, the day looks set to be the very definition of a grey and gloomy autumn Monday.

What about Gwent?

If things sounded bleak in Newport, conditions look set to be worse in Gwent.

According to the forecast, there looks set to be more heavy rain to the north of the region, setting in much earlier.

From around midday, the rain is set to fall, and by 2pm, this is set to become a great deal heavier.

What’s worse, there is little to no let-up expected either.

Rain, be it heavy or light, is predicted in the Gwent area virtually non-stop until 5pm on Tuesday (October 5).

Elsewhere, the forecast in Monmouthshire looks set to mirror conditions in Newport for the most part.

Hour-by-hour weather for Monday (October 4)


10am – Cloudy, 12 degrees

11am – Overcast, 13 degrees

Midday – Cloudy, 13 degrees

1pm – Cloudy, 14 degrees

2pm – Heavy shower, 14 degrees

3pm – Heavy shower, 13 degrees

4pm – Overcast, 13 degrees

5pm – Light shower, 13 degrees

6pm – Cloudy, 13 degrees

7pm – Light rain, 13 degrees

8pm – Light rain, 13 degrees

9pm – Heavy rain, 13 degrees

10pm – Heavy rain, 13 degrees

11pm – Heavy rain, 13 degrees

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10am – Light shower, 10 degrees

11am – Light shower, 10 degrees

Midday – Light rain, 11 degrees

1pm – Light rain, 12 degrees

2pm – Heavy rain, 12 degrees

3pm – Heavy rain, 11 degrees

4pm – Light rain, 11 degrees

5pm – Light shower, 11 degrees

6pm – Light rain, 11 degrees

7pm – Light rain, 11 degrees

8pm – Heavy rain, 11 degrees

9pm – Heavy rain, 11 degrees

10pm – Heavy rain, 11 degrees

11pm – Heavy rain, 11 degrees


10am – Sunny intervals

11am - Cloudy

Midday - Cloudy

1pm - Cloudy

2pm – Light rain

3pm – Heavy rain

4pm – Light shower

5pm – Light rain

6pm - Cloudy

7pm – Cloudy

8pm – Light rain

9pm – Heavy rain

10pm – Heavy rain

11pm – Heavy rain