EARLIER this year, popular television presenter Maya Jama turned heads when she was spotted in Newport.

Jaws then dropped as she leapt off the city’s famous Transporter Bridge.

Of course, this was no random act – with the full reason becoming clear last night.

The star was taking part in a new show for Channel 4, in which former SAS man Jason Fox put her through her paces for his new show - Foxy's Fearless 48 Hours.

As part of the programme, Ms Jama was filmed taking part in a number of daring challenges – including driving through a forest, riding a 100 metre zipline, and abseiling down a 40 metre cliff off the coast in the Gower area.

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However, this all paled in comparison to the main event – bungee jumping off the Transporter Bridge.

At a height of 50 metres, or 163.9 feet to the ground below, leaping off the bridge is certainly no mean feat.

But, to her credit, after saying classic Gavin and Stacey line: “I need a pint...of wine”, Ms Jama took the leap into the open, high above the River Usk.

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When was Maya Jama in Wales?

Unsurprisingly, the production team behind the programme did their bit to keep the presenter’s time in Wales under wraps, but eagle eyed fans spotted activity in late August into early September.

Despite the late summer timetable, the Welsh weather did what the Welsh weather does best – with rain falling for much of the crew’s time filming in Wales.

In addition to the high octane moments, the show also highlighted the personal struggles in Ms Jama' s life, which led to her taking on this challenge.

South Wales Argus: The two stars spoke about tough times as part of the programme (Credit: Channel 4)The two stars spoke about tough times as part of the programme (Credit: Channel 4)

Opening up to show host Mr Fox, she relived moments in her past, including the death of her boyfriend as a 16-year-old. She said: “My dad was in and out of jail. At the time I genuinely didn't think it bothered me, I didn't think it was a problem. It was all I knew so that was normal.

"And then I got to 16, met a boy, was going to move to London. He was killed in the summer that I was supposed to move to London."

Foxy's Fearless 48 Hours With Maya Jama aired on Channel 4 last night at 9pm.

It will shortly be made available to watch via catch-up on All 4.