A MONMOUTHSHIRE woman who recently had her leg amputated has hit out at a housing association’s “refusal” to adapt her house to meet her new needs.

Earlier this year, Linda Jowitt, who has lived at Dan y Coed, Clydach for more than 40 years, needed an emergency operation which required the amputation of her leg.

Following the operation, she desperately needed her house, owned by Monmouthshire Housing Association (MHA), to be made disabled-friendly to enable her to access the property fully.

However, she says that MHA are refusing her plea and have told her she instead needs to move to another property.

The association has said it is "working with Ms Jowitt to resolve the matter.”

Ms Jowitt said: “This year has been extremely difficult for me, and Monmouthshire Housing Association’s refusal to make alterations to my house has made it a hundred times worse.

“This has been my home for 40 years and my memories are tied here. I don’t want to leave – it’s where I raised my children, who incidentally live with me still.

“I only have access to one room - and my mental health is being severely impacted by this.

“The association is leaving me with no choice but to (somehow) learn to crawl up my stairs so that I can at last access my upstairs bathroom to shower and wash my hair.

“I just want them to act to sort out this mess.”

Cllr Jane Pratt, also Monmouthshire County Council’s cabinet member for infrastructure and neighbourhood services, said: “This is a deeply disturbing case and I empathise entirely with Ms Jowitt’s tragic situation.

“The ordeal Ms Jowitt’s being put through is wholly unacceptable. After all, she has lived at this house for more than four decades and, quite rightly, she does not wish to move.

“I urge MHA to sort out this mess, before any further damage is caused to Ms Jowitt’s mental health.”

Monmouth MS Peter Fox said: “The pain Ms Jowitt has endured is unimaginable and serious questions now need urgently asking.

“Without any further delay, MHA needs to swiftly act in Ms Jowitt’s interest.”

Michele Morgan, MHA's Director of Homes and Communities said, in a statement: "We are aware of Ms Jowitt’s disability and the need to urgently re-assess her current living arrangements in order to accommodate her changing needs.

"We are working with Mrs Jowitt to resolve the matter.”