MEAT Bar and Grill, one of the most popular restaurants in Newport, has permanently shut its doors.

The Clytha Park Road eaterie is renowned for its burgers and hotdogs, but, after switching to a delivery-only model in recent months, the owners have taken the decision to permanently shut down the restaurant.

But, for fans of Meat's menu, there is some hope on the horizon, as it is set for a new lease of life as a monthly, pop-up takeaway – complete with monthly specials.

What’s more, eagle eyed fans of the restaurant may have spotted renovation work being carried out inside the premises over recent weeks.

Today (Wednesday, October 6), the owners have announced that, while Meat may be closing, the premises is set to be the new home of another of the owners’ businesses – the Rogue Fox Coffee House.

South Wales Argus: The Rogue Fox Coffee House (far right) is moving into the Meat premises (far left)The Rogue Fox Coffee House (far right) is moving into the Meat premises (far left)

Currently located just three doors down in a much smaller premises, Rogue Fox is set to expand.

The new premises is said to have twice the amount of seating, and, the licensing conditions on this unit allows for later opening hours, Sunday trading, and the sale of alcohol.

As a result, the independent coffee shop looks set to open later and longer, and there are future plans to run events such as cocktail and comedy nights.

While the move is taking place over the coming days and weeks, it will soon leave the existing Rogue Fox unit empty.

However, the owners have urged anyone looking to make use of the space over the coming months to get in contact with them.

At this time, no dates have been announced for the Meat monthly pop-ups.

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What have the owners said?

Confirming the news in a post on the Rogue Fox Facebook page, the owners said: “Hello coffee lovers. We thought it was time to have a catch up with you and explain what we're doing over here on Clytha Park Road.

“Due to difficult circumstances, primarily the staff shortages in hospitality at the moment, we have decided to close our sister company Meat Bar & Grill as a restaurant.

“However, the Meat premises (number 3) offers double the number of seats, better food options, later opening hours, Sunday hours and an alcohol license - can you see where we're going with this?

“We have decided to move Rogue Fox to number 3 (mEAT premises next door to Tesco).

“We feel this is the best move for our businesses and our family. We are so excited for Rogue Fox 2.0 with big ideas and a great team.

“We still have number 6 for a while, so if you're interested in using the space (perhaps you're an indie wanting to use some retail space for Christmas?) get in touch via private message.

“Thank you as always for your support and we can't wait to see you in the new shop.”

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In a further post on the Meat Instagram page, they wrote: “We have owned Meat for just over two years now through a pandemic and the arrival of our daughter Norah. Trade has always been good and you guys have always been so supportive, we have loved our time here.

“However 2021 has presented new challenges we never anticipated, staff shortages combined with having a young family has proved a bit much.

“Sadly we have decided not to reopen meat as you guys currently know it. Meat will no longer be a sit in restaurant, but a pop up takeaway once a month. We will also still have a special every month as we know you guys love them.

“I know many people will be gutted, and so are we. But in our hearts we know it’s best for our family and so we hope you’ll understand and still support us on our takeaway nights.”