THIS picture takes us back to January 1986 and Blackwood bus station.

Here's the story which ran in the South Wales Argus to go with this picture:

Vandals have turned Blackwood bus station into an eyesore.

It is strewn with graffiti, benches are broken and there are many glass shelter panels missing. Islwyn borough councillors were told recently it would cost £8,000 to repair and replace windows at the 16-year-old bus station, and the environmental health committee are recommending the money be set aside for the work.

Councillor Denzil Cole said: "I am quite sure people see vandalism in the area and not prepared to do anything about it."

Mrs Margaret Woods, of Twyn Gardens, Cefn Forest, works in the bus station kiosk and described the state of the station as "disgusting".

She believed the area ought to have more policing, "especially on a Saturday when there are lots of kids hanging around".

But she thought most of the damage was probably done at night or on Sundays.

"If I see anyone mucking around in the daytime, they get my tongue," she added.

Superintendent Brian Smith, of Blackwood police, said: "We police it as often as we can. We are limited with what manpower we have got and sometimes there are far more pressing needs."

He added: "We are certainly wide awake to the problems at the bus station and at every available opportunity we patrol the area. But there priorities which take precedence."