With Halloween almost upon us, Newport has been named as the UK's spookiest city.

2021 has proven to be a scary year in general, but it will soon get spookier as we approach October 31.

And that is even more true for those of us living in Newport.

A study has named Newport the spookiest place in the UK.

It took seven factors into consideration:

  • the number of cemeteries
  • the number of paranormal sightings
  • the number of abandoned homes
  • the number of spooky roads
  • safety at night
  • crime levels
  • annual sunshine

South Wales Argus:

After combining all the factors, Newport topped the chart with a spooky score of 1070.

The city was given the highest score for the number of cemeteries, paranormal sightings, spooky roads and safety at night, based on its population count.

The study, put together by OnlineMortgageAdvisor.co.uk, also revealed that Newport, with 39 cemeteries, had the second most cemeteries per person in the UK, behind only London.

Trailing Newport was Birmingham with 1040 and Leicester with 1040.

Here is the full list of the spookiest places in the UK.

South Wales Argus:

The study also highlighted Warlock Close and Cemetery Lane in Newport as some of the spookiest in the UK.

While Newport scored highly in paranormal sightings.

OnlineMortgageAdvisor said: "So, what are the scariest cities when it comes to ghost sightings, you may ask?

"We can reveal that the town/cities which ranked highest (300 points) for paranormal sightings are: Newport, Birmingham, Preston, Bradford."