Over the next few days Earth will be passing through what is known as a cloud of cometary dust, allowing us to view the spectacular Draconid meteor shower.

The shower is taking place between October 7-11 but will be most visible late Friday evening into the early Saturday hours.

Named after the constellation of Draco the dragon, the Draconids occur every year and are one of the two meteor showers to light up the skies in October.

However, bad weather could threaten viewers chances as clear skies are needed to take in the sight.

Can I see the Draconid meteor shower in Newport?

Those in Newport are in less luck tonight. Met Office are forecasting cloudy skies for most of the evening, which could possibly hinder visibility of the meteor shower. At 9pm the clouds break partially, so you could be in luck.

It is however forecasted to remain dry this evening, so stargazers don’t need to worry about packing umbrellas.

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Where should I go to see the meteor shower?

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge told Press Association to have your best chance of catching the meteor shower you must go somewhere very dark with no light pollution and an unobstructed horizon.

Sunset tonight in Newport is 18:35.

There is no advantage to using binoculars or a telescope, he states.