Visitors to Newport city centre yesterday would have likely seen an unusual sight – groups of detectives gathering.

But, rather than officers from Gwent Police, it was more the Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc style of sleuths.

If that wasn’t enough, another group of individuals who all looked suspiciously like Belgian detective Hercule Poirot were also seen in various locations around the city centre on Saturday (October 9).

At first glance, it may have looked like hen or stag do groups – and if that were the case, it would have been a strange coincidence to have so many groups who just so happened to dress up as detectives.

But, here at the Argus, we’ve solved a mystery of our own – getting to the bottom of just why Newport was full of characters – more so than usual.

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Why Newport was full of detectives

Yesterday, Newport played host to CluedUpp Games – a virtual murder mystery style game which saw teams descend on the city centre, in a bid to solve a series of puzzles.

The games are an open world style game, which aren’t too dissimilar to escape rooms.

All day long, groups of people were wandering around the city in search of clues – with many spotted around the High Street area of Newport.

Despite actually taking place in the real world, the clues and activities exist on the mobile phones of participants, who have to book in advance.

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In covid times, the number of participants are limited – but with each team starting in a different location, there is no interacting with anyone outside of your own group.

The theme of yesterday’s event was ‘The Newport Ripper’, with the game website describing the setting as follows: “Three men have already been struck down by The Ripper and fear is taking its grip of this town.

“The police can't cope with a case this complex and your help is required to catch the killer.

“Put your crime-solving skills to the test at this exciting outdoor detective event. Experience life on the Murder Squad and see if your team has what it takes to crack the case.”

For anyone who missed out on yesterday’s event, another game is being held in Newport next summer.

Taking place on July 30, the theme is ‘Crime Scene Investigator’.

A team ticket (two-to-six people) costs £40, and more information can be found here.