A HEARTFELT window display remembering babies and children who have died will be appearing in a Newport funeral directors this week.

Ffion’s Gift charity has been creating the poignant display as part of Baby Loss Awareness Week.

The display will feature trees with hearts with the names of the children – all handmade by charity founder Sarah Davies. Last year, the display had 156 names - this year they have 214 names.

“We have had to buy more trees because of the number of name requests that we have received,” said Mrs Davies.

“It brings mixed emotions as it makes me feel really sad that so many people have been in the same boat as me, but it makes me really proud that I am in a position to offer them a position to remember their little ones.”

Many of the babies - those who were stillborn or miscarried - have no birth or death certificate – so memorials like the one organised by Ffion’s Gift and the parent’s memories are the only places that their existence is recollected.

Mrs Davies said: “Everyone deserves to be able to grieve for the loss of their child, whether they were lost through miscarriage, stillborn or as an infant.”

The display is being held in Michael G Ryan’s window as part of Baby Loss Awareness Week. “That is the main aim of Baby Loss Awareness Week, to raise awareness,” said Mrs Davies.

“Mike Ryan said that he had so many people coming into the building wanting to take photos of the trees and admire the work.

“We are forever grateful to him for providing the space to us for the past few years. It’s in a busy location so will attract a lot of attention – and that helps to raise awareness of how common losing a baby is.

“If people haven’t lost a baby and they walk past and see the display in the window, they can see how common it is and how many people it has affected.”


Mrs Davies set up charity Ffion’s Gift in 2015 to raise awareness of Edwards Syndrome after losing daughter Ffion.

Each year creating the display is tough for her, but it also gives her a sense of pride. “It is really tough for me to do this each year, but it is worth it when it is so pretty to see.”

To see the display, click through the gallery above.

Baby Loss Awareness Week runs from October 9-15. To find out more about Ffion’s Gift, visit https://ffionsgift.com/