INSPIRATIONAL women from Newport are being celebrated in a city centre exhibition.

In 2019 photographer, Kamila Jarczak, unveiled an exhibition featuring 35 photos she has taken of inspirational women from Newport – featuring female performers, athletes, business owners, artists, politicians, actresses, and more.

The project proved popular and has since grown into a community of women connecting and celebrating each other's achievements - they host monthly meetings, run a website, and have a permanent base at Barnabas Arts House on New Ruperra Street.

As part of Ffotogallery’s Diffusion festival 10 photos from the exhibition are on display on Commercial Street, in Newport, and will remain there throughout October.

“I was invited to be part of Diffusion Festival and could exhibit a maximum of 10 photos - I would include more if I could,” said Ms Jarczak who purposely chose diverse subjects, some who were not featured in the original exhibition.

South Wales Argus: Stephanie and Nicky (Picture: Women of Newport/Kamila Jarczak)

"The exhibition features new women including Danielle – she works for Urban Circle and G Expressions.

“She is only 21 but is mentoring another woman who is part of the exhibition this year: Corie-Mya. Corie is only 18 and she works as a full time Welsh translator at Uni for Urban Circle and G expressions.

“Alison is also featured – she has a remarkable story; she was a heroin addict and in foster care she was abused by another child. She now works as a teacher for asylum seekers and refugees.”

South Wales Argus: Recovered addict Danielle (Picture: Women of Newport/Kamila Jarczak)

People can read more about these women, and the other seven featured on Commercial Street, by checking out the exhibition which will be on display throughout October.

Alternatively, check it out online here.

The Women of Newport are now working to have it recognised as an official organisation, bringing together women and hosting events.


“We want to gather all women – not just connect women for business,” said Ms Jarczak.

“There are women who want to connect but they have to find something suitable for them; I know because they come to the meetings.

“We always listen and shape the community for them. Some just want to meet socially, some feel a bit lonely, some want connections, some are retired and want to meet new women locally to celebrate – there are so many compassionate, friendly, inspirational individuals out there.

“Any woman from Newport can be part of this – even if she thinks she can’t do anything, or has low confidence, we will build her confidence up and she can be part of something really meaningful.”

South Wales Argus: The exhibition of photos by Kamila Jarczak is part of Diffusion Festival 2021

Women of Newport is also organising festive fun, in partnership with Barnabas Arts House, including wreath making workshops, a party, and a mini Christmas market. Details of this are to be announced soon.

To find out more about Women of Newport follow them on Facebook @WomenofNewport and on Twitter @WomenofNewport