NEWPORT councillors have said they work more than their contractual three days a week.
In a draft report by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales presented to the Democratic Services Committee on Monday, October 11, it said a councillor’s salary is based on the idea they work three full days a week.
Councillors were in agreement that they work more than part-time hours due to the demands of the role.
Currently, the standard salary for a councillor in Wales in 2021 is £14,368, this increases if the councillor is part of a committee, is the chair of a committee or has a senior role.

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Cllr Gail Giles said: “Some weeks you are full-on, there are other weeks where you are maybe a little quieter. I am still waiting for my quiet time, but it has only been 18 years.”
Chair of the committee and ward councillor for Allt-yr-yn, Charles Ferris asked councillors: “Do you think we do more? I think we do more.”
Cllr Giles, who represents the Caerleon ward, said she recognised that the role entails councillors having to be flexible.
Cllr Kate Thomas said: “A councillor’s role certainly falls outside normal working hours.”
Cllr Thomas, who represents Stow Hill, added that she had been called at 3.30am once by a resident.
Part of a councillor’s role is to represent the residents in their ward, this includes being easily contacted. Many councillors display their mobile phone numbers on the council’s website for this purpose.
Cllr Thomas said: “For people who aren’t councillors, they will be amazed at the amount of effort that we do put in to it and the innovative ways we find to provide the service.”
Cllr Giles said it is “tricky” for councillors to speak about their working hours and salaries because of the backlash they often receive from the public.