A MAN put his daughter’s ex-boyfriend in hospital for two weeks after breaking his nose in several places following a fight between the two.

Paul Peterson, 41, “battered” Benjamin Darmanin when he got the better of him as the two had brawled outside the victim’s Newport flat.

He punched him for around a minute on the floor when he got on top of him after the complainant rugby tackled him to the ground.

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Prosecutor David Pinnell said it was unclear what triggered the violence.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Peterson had gone to the victim’s flat and Mr Darmanin had come outside to confront him with his fists raised.

“The two began to throw punches and were grappling with each other,” Mr Pinnell said.

“The complainant rugby tackled him and they both landed on the ground.

“The defendant gained the upper hand and appeared to get on top and delivered repeated blows that lasted about a minute.

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“This was a prolonged and persistent attack.

“The victim did come out of his flat with his fists raised but this was excessive self-defence.”

The police were called and found Mr Darmanin with his eyes closing and blood coming from his nose and mouth.

He was taken to the Grange University Hospital, Cwmbran, where he spent two weeks and two days being treated.

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The victim suffered multiple fractures to his nose and a broken sternum.

Peterson, of Lime Crescent, Newport, pleaded guilty to causing Mr Darmanin grievous bodily harm on February 27.

The defendant was a man of hitherto good character with no convictions to his name.

Richard Ace, representing Peterson, said: “He is a hard-working man without a previous stain on his character.

“The defendant wishes to apologise to the complainant for his actions which spilt over that night.

“There was a level of pummelling. It was a one-off.”

The judge, Recorder Paul Lewis QC, said the defendant had given Mr Darmanin a “battering”.

He told Peterson: “This was a sustained assault in a public place. These were serious injuries.”

Recorder Lewis said he was just able to suspend his sentence.

The defendant was jailed for 12 months, suspended for two years.

He must carry out 100 hours of unpaid work and pay Mr Darmanin £1,000 in compensation and has to hand over a £156 victim surcharge.

The judge told the defendant before he left the dock: “You are very fortunate.”