THE CORONAVIRUS pandemic has put a dampener on most birthday celebrations over the past 18 months, but one Cwmbran family refused to let it dampen their special day.

Triplets Sofia, Tilly and Poppy celebrated turning 10 on September 27 – and although they had to isolate on their birthday, still managed to celebrate.

The triplets were born three weeks premature at Newport’s Royal Gwent Hospital, and had to spend time in a special care baby unit before they could be reunited with parents Charlotte Cousins and Gareth Vincent at home on October 22.

Sofia, the oldest, weighed just 2lb 9oz, while Tilly weighed 3lb 4oz and Poppy weighed 3lb 8oz.


“It was a bit sad not seeing our friends on our birthday,” said Poppy. “And we didn’t see our friends on our birthday last year as we were in lockdown.”

“We went to Enflate in Newport [on Saturday] with all our friends, then we went to McDonald’s,” said Tilly.

South Wales Argus: Triplets Sofia, Tilly and Poppy with mum Charlotte Cousins.Triplets Sofia, Tilly and Poppy with mum Charlotte Cousins.

The triplets love horse riding and would go each Sunday, and can regularly be spotted on their scooters at the skate park.

But when they’re not doing that, they are litter-picking around their local area – recently picking up 209 pieces of litter one afternoon.

Tilly is “the arty one”, Ms Cousins said, while Sofia loves music – in particular The Beatles.

“I’m excited for when I’m older so I can go to concerts,” Sofia said.

South Wales Argus: Triplets Poppy, Tilly and Sofia celebrate their 1st birthday with mum Charlotte Cousins.Triplets Poppy, Tilly and Sofia celebrate their 1st birthday with mum Charlotte Cousins.

All three now attend Llantarnam Community Primary School, and are even in the same class – with identical twins Poppy and Sofia pranking teachers by pretending to be each other.

Neither Ms Cousins and Mr Vincent – who have now split up – had any history of twins or triplets in their families, so the triplets came as a huge surprise to them both.

“I’m still in shock,” said Ms Cousins. “I still look at them now and think how grateful I am.

“Only once did I need to call for help in the middle of the night as all three of them were crying.

“I’ve been lucky, we didn’t go through the terrible twos.

South Wales Argus: Gareth Vincent and Charlotte Cousins with their triplets Poppy, Sofia and Tilly in 2011.Gareth Vincent and Charlotte Cousins with their triplets Poppy, Sofia and Tilly in 2011.

“It’s just been a whirlwind but it’s been an amazing ride.

“I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

“They are a delight and just bring so much joy. If anyone is having a bad day, they just see the triplets and they brighten anybody’s day.

“I’m so grateful for family and friends for helping out. I don’t know what I’d do with without them.”

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Looking forward, the triplets have already got plans for the future.

Sofia said she wants to teach engineering or technology, while Tilly wants to be a horse riding instructor.

And Poppy said: “I want to be a equine vet because I love horses and I think it would be a lovely feeling if I could save their life.”