SOUTH Wales Argus Camera Club member Larry Wilkie, who lives in Undy, has once again produced calendars to help raise money for local charities.

And this year Mr Wilkie has added Chepstow to his list.

Mr Wilkie said: "This is the third year that I have produced calendars to raise money for charity.

"I started two years ago with Magor/Undy and a Caldico/Black Rock calendars and raised money for the NHS. Between the two calendars I raised just over £900, and bought more than 50 iPad covers for the NHS staff.

"Last year I produced two more calendars, covering the same areas, and raised just over £1,150. A total of £650 was donated to Lost Souls Sanctuary in Caldicot, and was used as a contribution towards new roofs for the kennels there.

South Wales Argus: Showing the calendar choice

"A further £500 was donated to Ready Steady Go, a club in Undy which supports children with Autism. This was used to pay for a whole day out for all of the children. It's a lovely feeling to know that any money donated is being used for a specific worthwhile purpose."

This year the money raised from the calendars will go to Velindre Cancer Centre, St Davids Hospice Care and Severn Area Rescue Association.

Mr Wilkie said: "So far I have raised just over £900. I would love to double this and donate something like £600 to each charity."

Mr Wilkie put a message on a Chepstow social media page, explaining about the calendars and asking if there would be any interest in a Chepstow one.

He said: "The response was very encouraging, and at present, the Chepstow one is the highest selling of the three. One of my calendars has even been sent to Australia.

"All three calendars will remain on sale until Christmas, and I am currently looking into ways that I can let more people know that they are available."

If you are interested in buying one of the calendars, which Mr Wilkie will deliver personally if you live within a 10-mile radius of him, contact