A NEWPORT woman has bared all to win a new TV show.

Laura Poole, 29, is the joint winner of E4s 'hilarious and downright crazy' new pilot, Naked Alone and Racing To Get Home.

The show sees four strangers dumped in the middle of nowhere, paired up then stripped of all belongings (including their clothes).

Despite the name of the show, contestants in fact travel in pairs and have to race 50 kilometres, over three days, in the British countryside to win £5,000 for charity.
South Wales Argus:
Ms Poole said: “It was a massive challenge and jiggling about naked wasn’t even my biggest concern.

"I was more worried about where I was going to sleep, and what I was going to eat.

"Sleeping on the floor in a barn was definitely the worst nights sleep I've ever had.

"It was the generosity of strangers that kept me going.


"We met so many lovely people on our travels, most didn't actually make the final cut into the show (they are squeezing three days worth of filming into 45 mins remember)."

South Wales Argus:
She said that baring all on television was "quite a vulnerable thing to do", but that it was a good chance "to show a ‘normal’ body on TV".

"There are a lot of shows where people look a certain way," she said.

"So this was an opportunity to go and show a body which is different to that.”

A lifestyle coach, Ms Poole promotes body positivity online, and saw this as a chance to practice what she preaches.

“I can’t go around telling people to love themselves and preaching that if I am not willing to do that myself," she said.

South Wales Argus:
"I didn't do it to win, I didn't think I had a chance of winning. In the show you'll see how far behind we were, but our game plan of hiking to get a train paid off.

"Winning the money for charity was just the cherry on the cake."