AFTER weeks of teasing a new album, Adele has satisfied fans excitement and released her first single for more than six years, Easy On Me.

Her album, 30, has been teased for several weeks, with murals with the number 30 appearing across major cities around the world.

The singer has confirmed the album will be released on November 19.

She wrote on Instagram: “I feel like I’ve finally found my feeling again. I’d go so far as to say that I’ve never felt more peaceful in my life.

“And so, I’m ready to finally put this album out. It was my ride or die throughout the most turbulent period of my life.”

Where can I listen to Adele’s new single?

Adele’s new single, Easy On Me is out now and available to stream on Spotify and Apple music. The music video is also available on YouTube.

Who is Adele's ex husband?

Adele has spoken openly about how her divorce has influenced her album, 30. Adele and Simon were together since 2011 until their divorce was finalised this year.

In an interview with British Vogue she said: “The timeline the press have of my relationship, my marriage, is actually completely wrong. We got married when I was 30… and then I left.”

How old is Adele's son?

The pair have a nine-year-old son together, Angelo, who the couple are co-parenting. Adele has stressed that she wants her new album to be able to answer the difficult questions her son has about their divorce.

She told British Vogue: “I just felt like I wanted to explain to him, through this record, when he’s in his twenties or thirties, who I am and why I voluntarily chose to dismantle his entire life in the pursuit of my own happiness. It made him really unhappy sometimes. And that’s a real wound for me that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to heal.”

Easy on Me is ready to stream now. You can pre-order her new album here.