ALL year nine pupils at Llanwern High School are learning from home today, Tuesday, and tomorrow due to staff shortages.

In a letter dated Monday, October 18, posted on social media, the school said year nine pupils would be remote learning due to "significant staff shortages".

The staff shortages have been caused by coronavirus.

Headteacher Tracey Jarvis said: "We have significant staff shortages at the school currently with a number of staff off school for an extended period of time having tested positive for Covid or absent because of Covid-related issues.

"As a result, we have had to engage a range of strategies in order to try to cover all classes, including reverting to independent study for sixth form and combining classes, but the situation continues to worsen and is increasingly challenging.

"Consequently, I have had to take the decision to revert to remote learning for year nine tomorrow (October 19) and the next day (October 20)."

Ms Jarvis said that year nine were selected for remote learning because they are old enough to not be childcare burden on parents and are not involved in exam preparations.

Staffing levels at the school will be assessed on Wednesday to determine if pupils can come back to school on Thursday and Friday.

An announcement is expected on this on Wednesday.

The school has been affected by a spike in Covid cases before, with there being outbreaks in autumn 2020 and in spring this year.