STENA Line has apologised after a translation error on a new sign welcomed visitors to Fishguard Fodder rather than Fishguard Port.

The new welcome sign read 'Croeso i Borthiadd Abergwaun' literally translated as 'Welcome to Fishguard Fodder'.

It should have read 'Croeso i Borthladd Abergwaun' with borthladd being the Welsh word for port.

The typo was picked up by bemused locals who shared it widely on social media.

Stena Line says the sign has now been corrected and has apologised for the mistake.

A company spokesperson said: "Stena Line would like to apologise for the spelling error and can confirm that is has moved quickly to rectify the typo once identified, the sign has now been corrected."

“Ymddiheura Stena Line am y camgymeriad a gallwn cadarnhau bod y gwall sillafu eisoes wedi ei gywiro.”