THREE men were jailed for nine years for their part in a “revenge attack” which led to their victim being stabbed with a hunting knife.

Thomas Franklin, Ryan Harrison and Samuel Callaway had ganged up on David Samuel outside his girlfriend’s house in Caldicot during the early hours of the morning.

Newport Crown Court heard how a knife fight took place between them, with the gang having one blade and the victim armed with another.

Prosecutor Ieuan Bennett said Mr Samuel suffered a punctured lung after he was knifed in the side of his body and rushed to hospital.

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The roots of the showdown lay in an alleged attack the victim is said to have carried out on Franklin three weeks before.

It was claimed the complainant shot him in the leg with a BB gun and threw ammonia over him.

South Wales Argus:

Thomas Franklin

Mr Bennett said Franklin had reported the incident to the police but refused to make a formal statement.

He added: “The defendant posted a threatening message on Snapchat vowing to take revenge on David Samuel.”

South Wales Argus:

Ryan Harrison

The court heard how the trio arrived in a van and a car at the Caldicot address of Shania Lloyd, where she and Alfie Hale lived, at around 4.30am on Monday, February 22.

Miss Lloyd was Mr Samuel’s then-partner.

The victim had confronted the trio with a knife after Franklin had banged on the door and shattered glass.

South Wales Argus:

Samuel Callaway

Mr Bennett said: “Shouting and screaming could be heard and it ended with what became a one-sided fight and Mr Samuel was stabbed once.

“It was a forceful blow and it punctured one of his lungs.

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“It appears he made a good recovery and discharged himself from hospital after a few days against medical advice.”

Mr Bennett added: “Mr Hale had dragged Mr Samuel inside the property.

“He was lifeless and bleeding profusely from his stab wound.”

The trio admitted violent disorder on the day of their trial.

They had faced the more serious charges of wounding and wounding with intent, but the prosecution accepted their guilty pleas when Mr Samuels “declined to come to court”.

Franklin had four convictions for four offences, including assault occasioning actual bodily harm and battery.

Harrison had 13 convictions for 47 offences which included robbery and animal cruelty.

Callaway had a previous conviction for possession of a baseball bat in public.

Nigel Fryer, representing Franklin, said: “The defendant was 23 when he was last convicted.

“He allowed his emotions to get the better of him.”

Harrison’s barrister Kathryn Lane told how her client, a father with four children, was a “family man” who regretted the whole affair.

Gareth Williams, for Callaway, said: “The defendant wants people to know how sorry he is about what took place that night.”

Judge Michael Fitton QC told the defendants: “This was a revenge attack in that both the victim and the property were deliberately targeted.

“You, Franklin, were the prime mover and you took the knife from the van where it should have stayed.”

Franklin, 31, of Station Road, Rogiet, near Caldicot, was jailed for three years and four months.

Harrison, 27, of no fixed abode, Newport, was sent to prison for three years.

Callaway, 29, of Tudor Crescent, Rogerstone, Newport, was locked up for two years and eight months.