A WOMAN who suffered life-threatening lacerations to her neck after she tripped and landed on a fish tank has thanked the ambulance crew who came to her aid.

Kathy Catt, from Blaenavon, has been reunited with paramedics Joshua Edwards and Charlotte Fry, of the Welsh Ambulance Service, after a freak accident saw her fall down stairs at home and crash into a glass fish tank.

Retired shop worker Ms Cattwas making her way to bed at about 1am on Sunday, August 30, when her daughter's dog - who she and and husband Paul were looking after - ran up behind her causing her to lose her balance.

In the fall, which shattered the glass, Kathy suffered two long, deep lacerations to her neck and required four and a half hours of reconstructive surgery in hospital, plus the immediate life-saving care of the paramedics.

She said: “I had been shielding during the first Covid-19 lockdown and as things eased we had decided to go out to our local social club that night.

“We returned home and saw to the dogs and I decided to retire for the evening and headed upstairs.

“I don’t recall much about the accident itself at all really.

“It’s all a blur.

“I just know that thanks to Joshua and Charlotte I wake up every morning and am thankful I’m still here.

“I have a lot of scarring.

“Since the incident I have been doing some restorative exercises on my face muscles and can feel my ear again.”

Speaking of her paramedic heroes, Ms Catt continued: “It seems everything was on our side that night.

“Joshua and Charlotte were simply amazing, as were all the staff and doctors at the hospital.

“I can’t thank them enough for what they did for me.”

Mr Catt, 62, a storage manager, recalled the night.

He said: “I heard a crashing noise and saw Kathy on the floor.

“She was only about eight feet away from me.

“I’m not normally one to panic but I knew this was bad.

“She looked at me and said ‘help me, please help me’.

“I ran over, picked her up and put her on the couch and took a look at her.

“It was then I realised how bad it was.

“I managed to quickly grab some clean towels and put pressure on her neck.”


He then made a call to 999 for an ambulance, and soon on the scene were newly-qualified paramedics Joshua Edwards and Charlotte Fry, working out of Bargoed station, when the top priority ‘Red’ call came in.

Mr Edwards, 30, of Aberdare, said: “I remember it well as it was such a busy weekend with Red call after Red call.

“We arrived at the address with a report of a patient having fallen and cut their neck.

“The patient’s husband was flashing the porch light on and off to get our attention as it was pitch black and in the early hours.

“As I approached I thought he was wearing a black top, but his blue shirt had been soaked in blood.

“We went in to find the patient sat on the couch clutching a towel to her neck.

“Upon inspection there was a large cut from the front to around behind the ear – it was like a surgeon’s cut.”

With little time to waste, the crew assessed Ms Catt, dressed the wounds with a special bandage to help clot the blood, got her safely in a wheelchair and into the ambulance while all the time keeping vital pressure on the wounds.

She was taken straight to Newport’s Royal Gwent Hospital, where she underwent four and a half hours of emergency surgery from the trauma and major haemorrhage teams.

During the journey, she began to fade due to the blood loss and Mr Edwards continued to treat her administering clotting drugs and keeping her as calm as possible.

Mr Catt said: “I remember getting to the hospital and seeing a team of around ten people waiting outside to rush her into theatre.

“I can still see it all in slow motion now.

“Due to restrictions, I was waiting outside the hospital when I got a call off one of the nurses in the ward to come in and see her.

“It was a real shock.

“The surgeon came to see us and said to go straight to the shop to buy a lottery ticket because that’s how lucky she was.”

Hospital staff would later describe the actions of Ms Fry and Mr Edwards as “life-saving”.

Ms Fry, a 32-year-old mother from Penarth, said: “I was driving that night and it was a difficult response in that we weren’t fully aware of the severity of injury.

“We are glad to see that Kathy has made a good recovery and it’s been a pleasure to meet them again in much nicer circumstances.”

The lucky couple and paramedic crew were reunited at Bargoed Ambulance Station last week.