HOLLYWOOD stars Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds have attended their first Wrexham match - but the "super excited" actors can't wait to experience seeing their club play at The Racecourse in front of a sell-out crowd.

The duo, who completed their high profile takeover of the club in February, made a surprise visit to see the Reds in action against Maidenhead United at York Road on Tuesday.

Travel restrictions had prevented Deadpool star Mr Reynolds and Mr McElhenney, famous for his role as Mac in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, from seeing their side in action any earlier since becoming owners of the third oldest professional club in the wold.

Although they were present when Wrexham suffered a 3-2 defeat against the Magpies earlier this week, it is Saturday's visit of Torquay United at the iconic north Wales Stadium that will easily be the highlight of their trip.

The actors walked across the pitch to conduct an exclusive interview with the Argus' sister paper the Leader in the Turf and that merely whet the appetite as far as Mr Reynolds is concerned.

South Wales Argus: Rob and Ryan at the Turf, WrexhamRob and Ryan at the Turf, Wrexham

"The end game is three points on Saturday so that's what we want but we are super excited to just be there, boots on the ground sitting in that stadium," said Mr Reynolds.

"I got emotional walking through it so I can't even imagine what it looks like or feels like filled with supporters.

"Particularly the contrast with Maidenhead which was a wonderful club but it really was a very small venue.

"To step into The Racecourse like that, I found it to be so much bigger than it looked.

"I have only really seen The Racecourse on television, watching the matches at home, or YouTube but it was so much bigger.

"Usually it is smaller, the other way around.

"You could feel the DNA and the history, I was really taken with it and I still am.

"Coming across the pitch (to come to the Turf), they turned the lights on for us and it was just really special."

It's been a long time coming but Mr McElhenney is just pleased to finally get to watch a home fixture at The Racecourse.

"We had intended on coming earlier but it really wasn't the right time," said McElhenney.

"This was the date six months ago where we locked on the calendar, Covid permitting.

"We kept our fingers crossed that we could make it happen."



Rumours were rife that the duo would be attending the Torquay clash, nevermind appearing at the Maidenhead showdown where Phil Parkinson's side, playing with 10 men, came from 2-0 down to level at 2-2 before the Magpies scored a late winner.

But Mr McElhenney doesn't want their visit to overshadow what is happening on the pitch as Wrexham aim to start climbing the National League table.

"We don't want it to be like a big surprise," said Mr McElhenney.

"It is more about not making it about us.

"We didn't want to freak the team out, we didn't want to freak Phil out.

"We really wanted to make sure that Tuesday and then Saturday was about the club and not about the two of us being there."

Mr Reynolds is just looking forward to savouring the occasion.

"We have a few fun little surprises planned," said Reynolds.

"But I think our main goal is to just take in that game, just watch it and experience it as much as possible.

"Watching the team play in Maidenhead, I found it so exciting and challenging because I am so embroiled emotionally with this club even though I have never been here."