PLANS to install a 20-metre high 5G mast in Langstone have been submitted.

If approved, the new mast would be built on land to the west of Waltwood Road.

According to planning documents, it would supply the local area with “enhanced 3G and 4G coverage and new 5G coverage to the area.”

Plans have been submitted by agents Sinclair Dalby Ltd, on behalf of Cornerstone Telecommunications.

The location forming the site of this application “is located on the wide pavement outside Llanmartin, a rural area with no residences nearby.

“It has been selected as a means of balancing the technical needs of the operator against those of the local community and local planning authority.”

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Along with the mast itself – which would have three antennas, and transmission dishes attached, the site would also have two equipment cabinets at its base.

However, the proposal, submitted to Newport City Council earlier this week (Wednesday, November 3), have already been met with some concern from the local community.

Following an outline consultation last month, a local councillor raised several concerns regarding the project – ranging from radiation fears, to visual eyesore concerns, with a suggestion that it should be been placed in woodland area to mitigate the visual impact.

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What has been said about the application?

Responding to the outline consultation, Cllr Martyn Kellaway said: ““We have had sight of the application in respect of the above on Facebook and would like to voice our concerns about this application.

“1. Radiation concerns and health issues related to these masts.

“2. Unsightly - should be situated within a wooded area which we believe has been raised by another resident on Facebook.

“3. It's an area that gets flooded which causes obvious concern. This has also been raised on Facebook.

“4. We also note there have also been comments around the children in our community in which they may be tempted to climb etc which we also agree with the dangers this may pose.”

In response to the comments, the applicant stated that there are no wooded areas nearby which would provide enough coverage needed.

They also confirmed that documents detailing health concerns have been submitted with the application, and said that anti-climb paint could coat the mast if needed.

However, the initial application suggests that the mast would remain unpainted.

They said: “The range of masts available for use in the streetscene are limited and a standard monopole design was considered the most suitable.

“Given the constraints of the existing streetworks site, there is no alternative to this proposal if coverage is to be maintained and improved.

“It was felt therefore that the implementation of a separate, slimline structure, would be the most suitable option for this location and, unpainted, the galvanized finish will weather and blend into the background.”

The planning application can be viewed and commented upon on Newport City Council’s website here.