The NHS is under “amazing pressure” at this time, according to a leading government figure.

Speaking at a Welsh Government public health briefing, health minister Eluned Morgan painted a bleak picture of the state of the NHS at this time, as it battles with covid, seasonal flu, and everything in-between.

While covid rates nationwide have fallen since the end of October, they still remain at a fairly high level, and the threat to the health service remains real.

At this time, there are around 800 people in hospital with the potentially deadly virus in Wales.

This includes 72 in intensive care.

And, with the winter fast approaching, the health service is said to be “under amazing pressure”.

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According to Ms Morgan, the onus is on the public to do their part in terms of alleviating the pressure put on the system.

This comes in the form of getting vaccinated – including the third, booster jab, and getting a flu vaccine too.

She revealed that she is “slightly disappointed that not more people have taken up the (flu vaccine) opportunity, as a percentage compared to last year.

"We have extended that opportunity to a wider range of people this year as well."

During the press conference, a warning was issued too, as, Ms Morgan stressed that further restrictions, more similar to the lockdown periods of 2020, could not be ruled out as long as the risk of the NHS becoming overwhelmed remained.

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What was said?

Speaking at the media briefing earlier today (Tuesday, November 9), Ms Morgan said: “The public has a responsibility to take the pressure off the NHS.

"We'll be keeping an eye on the situation. It all comes down to whether the NHS will be overwhelmed.

"It is under amazing pressure at the moment, and the winter hasn't properly started.

“We can support the NHS this winter by getting the spread of coronavirus under control and preventing more people falling seriously ill with Covid-19.

"We can do this by ensuring we’ve had both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and having the autumn booster too if we’re eligible.

"Having our winter flu jab will also help.

"We can also help by choosing the right service for our healthcare needs.”