AFTER an inquest opened into the death of a Caerphilly schoolboy following a dog attack, here is everything we know so far.

Jack Lis, 10, died on Monday, November 8, after playing with a friend in Caerphilly.

The inquest heard how the two went to his friend's home in a neighbouring street after classes on Monday when the dog attack happened.

The court heard paramedics were called but Jack's injuries were "unsurvivable" and he was pronounced dead just after 4pm.

The dog was shot seven times by armed officers.

Police say a dog legislation expert has now been brought in to examine its features to see if it is a breed allowed in the UK.

A 28-year-old woman from the Caerphilly area was arrested on suspicion of being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury resulting in death.

She was later released on conditional bail.


Speaking at Blackwood Police Station earlier today, chief superintendant Mark Hobrough said the the investigation into the legality of the animal was ongoing.

The dog had only been with Jack's friend's family for days, after being sold by roofer Lee Jenkins.

Chief superintendant Hobrough said: "The original dog owner has been assisting us with enquiries and our investigation.

"That will continue to be the case."

Jack's family issued a statement paying tribute to him today.

“We are absolutely heartbroken," they said.

"Our lives will never be the same without Jack.

“This is not something any parent should ever have to be writing.

“He's forever in our hearts. Sweet dreams Jack, our perfect boy.”