IT'S BEGINNING to feel a lot more like winter at the moment with temperatures dropping - with that in mind, any chance of snow soon?

Looking at the forecast, the answer is - no, probably not.

However, it should stay dry over the weekend across the majority of Gwent, with temperatures relatively warm for the time of year.

In Newport, Friday will get up to a balmy 13 degrees and, although cloudy for the most part, there's not much chance of rain.

This continues into Saturday, although it will become colder - only 11 degrees forecast.

Sunday looks brighter and clearer, but that means it will be colder still.

It will only get up to around eight degrees on Sunday in Newport.


At the other end of Gwent, up in Ebbw Vale, it's much the same story.

As usual, it will be a bit colder, but largely dry if cloudy.

On Friday, temperatures will be around 11 degrees with rain only forecast for around 1pm.

On Saturday, it's forecast to be a grey day and, with temperatures not getting into double figures it will feel cold too.

As with Newport, Sunday looks to be a bright day, but it will be colder still - only six degrees forecast for Ebbw Vale so layers advised.

No sign of snow at all judging by the Met Office forecast.