A MEETING of the British-Irish Council will take place in Wales today, Friday.

The meeting of politicians from across the UK and Ireland comes amid ongoing negotiations between London and Brussels about post-Brexit trading arrangements in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Protocol is likely to be discussed at the meeting in Cardiff.

Earlier this week, Brexit minister Lord Frost was urged by political parties at Stormont to find agreement with the EU over the protocol.

The Covid-19 pandemic and climate change are also expected to be on the agenda during the summit.

Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford, who is hosting the meeting, said that the summit was a “timely opportunity to support dialogue and collective action between our governments.

“This is more essential than ever given the current challenges we all face.

“The council plays a unique and critical role in developing positive relationships between its members,” he said.

The last meeting of the British-Irish Council took place in June in Fermanagh.