PARENTS of Newport schoolchildren have received a letter urging them to talk to their children about inappropriate use of social media – after accounts set up with inappropriate content.

The letter, written by Newport City Council’s chief education officer Sarah Morgan, said that accounts had been appearing on social media platforms including TikTok and they are designed to look like official school accounts. However, the videos appearing on them are inappropriate.

Ms Morgan said that some of the posts and videos have been reported as being offensive, discriminatory or defamatory which can cause distress and also be illegal.

Some of the posts have been edited to make it seem like teachers are swearing and others rate and 'rubbish' their teachers.

The letter said: “Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that social media accounts have been set up on platforms such as TikTok, that are designed to look like official school accounts, to which pupils have been uploading short videos.

“Recent incidents have involved inappropriate posts and videos being uploaded to such accounts that are offensive, discriminatory or defamatory. Such posts cause distress to others and may be illegal.

“We would kindly request that you speak to your child/children and remind them of the dangers associated with the misuse of social media in this way and that activity of the kind described above could lead to serious consequences.”


Ms Morgan also highlighted that anyone caught doing this will be dealt with accordingly and for parents to check their children’s devices and social media accounts.

She said: “If the perpetrator of offensive content is found to be a pupil at a school within the local authority, they will be dealt with according to that school’s disciplinary policy and could be reported to the police for further action if appropriate.

“You may also wish to check your children’s devices/social media accounts to ensure any inappropriate videos, pictures or other content is deleted. Schools will continue to monitor social media channels including TikTok in future and will take action as and when appropriate.

“Pupils should also be reminded that they are not permitted to film on school premises without prior permission of the school.

“Thank you for your co-operation in this matter and let’s work together to keep our children and young people safe online.”