THE newest fish and chip shop in Newport is ready to welcome customers, after undergoing a radical transformation.

The family-run Clarence Fish Bar, in Clarence Place, is opening on Monday, November 22.

Offering a traditional menu with all your chip shop favourites, there'll also be 'dirty chips' – smothered in masala mince, cheese and jalapenos – and plans to add more specials over the coming months.

The takeaway is being run by Abdul and Arin Chauduery, and Bobby Rashid, who for the past four years have also been in charge of the Clarence Barbers shop, just a few doors down in Clarence Place.

The grand opening comes after a year's hard work to transform the building from a disused retail premises into a modern takeaway restaurant.

"It was derelict [when we moved in]," Mr Chaudery said. "Before the renovation we had to build an extension. We literally knocked the whole back out and did a full revamp."

Mr Rachid said: "Years ago this was an old second-hand shop, then it was a skateboard shop, but it's been empty for 10 years."

South Wales Argus: (L-R) Bobby Rashid, Abdul Chaudery and Arin Chaudery at Clarence Fish Bar, Newport.(L-R) Bobby Rashid, Abdul Chaudery and Arin Chaudery at Clarence Fish Bar, Newport.


Even thought this is their first foray into running a food service, the owners will be spurred on by their parents' history of running fish and chip shops – one in Newport and one in Griffithstown in Pontypool – when they first came to the UK.

"They always told us stories, so we thought if we had the opportunity to do it, we'd do it as well," Mr Chaudery said.

And when his father sadly died from Covid earlier this year, Mr Chaudery said the family was determined to finish the project and open the new takeaway in his honour.

Clarence Fish Bar will be open, from next week, from Monday to Saturday, midday to 10pm.