Police have seized a moped which has been linked to anti-social activity in Newport.

This afternoon (Saturday, November 20), Gwent Police confirmed the seizure of a moped in the Malpas area of the city.

And, according to the force, the red vehicle has been seen to have been used in “an anti-social manner” recently.

The anti-social activity is alleged to have been carried out across the Bettws, Malpas, and Shaftsbury areas of Newport.

Officers from the force’s police station in Bettws are responsible for the seizure of the moped.

It is believed that local residents reported the manner in which the moped had been used to the force.

Taking to social media, Gwent Police thanked the local community for their help in locating and recovering the vehicle.

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What have police said?

Taking to social media, Gwent Police said: “#BettwsNPT (Bettws Neighbourhood Policing Team) have seized a moped in the Malpas area today.

“It was being used in an anti-social manner across Bettws, Malpas & Shaftesbury areas.

“Thanks to reports from our communities, we have been able to locate the bike & it has been recovered.”