The festive period has arrived, with Christmas lights popping up, and retailers rolling out their wintery menus and products.

But, while it is a season for family time and celebration for many, there is once again a spectre looming over the Christmas period.

For the second year, it is set to be a winter filled with covid uncertainty, with the pandemic continuing to disrupt everyday life.

There is a real hope that this year, disruption will be minimised, as last year’s winter lockdown caused significant disruption to plans.

While there are no current plans to introduce similar measures this year, the Welsh Government has stopped short of outright ruling it out.

Health minister Eluned Morgan revealed that there is one key factor which will decide the measures which could be put in place – whether or not the NHS can cope.

Between covid-19 and the flu season, the NHS’s current struggles are well known, and there is an argument to be made that another period of lockdown, though potentially unpopular, could prevent the health service from becoming overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, for anyone hoping to celebrate Christmas is as much of a normal way as possible, it may yet be an anxious few weeks.

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Argus readers react to possibility of Christmas lockdown

Earlier this weekend, we asked Argus readers for their thoughts on a potential Christmas lockdown.

You can check out a selection of their comments below.

Lisa Tune said: “Definitely not. I went nearly a year of not seeing my kids and grandkids. 2 grandkids being born during lockdown too. I'm not going through that again. My mental health couldn't take it.”

Louisa Bullock said: “Would be nice if wasn't a key worker to have some time off to spend with family.”

David Clements said: “The way some are behaving and the spread of covid. Lock it all down.”

Donna Dora Marie said: “Absolutely not. I've had a guts full now.”

Marcelle James said: “Absolutely not. A high percentage of us has had double jabs/ booster. About time we just learnt to live with it.”

Haley Brown said: “I don’t support lockdowns at all! However, I would support a little break to give retail staff, some proper time off to spend with their families. One day for Christmas just isn’t enough.”

Sarah Jayne Hadigate said: “Not really, but if it happens, it happens. There are a lot of people that NEED interaction with others at that time of year, and it impacts mental health. I follow the rules as much as possible, and only go out for shopping needs as it is. Jabbed or not it seems that everyone is still at risk. It won't stop me visiting my mother in law either way, she needs that little bit of company.”

Laurence Harvey said: “To protect the elderly yes ,we will be old in time.”

Charlotte Harvey-Gibb said: “It doesn't matter whether people agree with it, it's whether people would comply with it or not. From what I'm reading it sounds like many would not.”

Jonathan Barry said: “People aren’t even wearing masks where they should and cases continue to rise in Wales because of people’s attitudes.”

Marie Mar Mite Harris said: “No as not seen my mum since October last year ,and would really like for her to visit her grandchildren and great grandchildren.”

Teresa Hughes said: “If it saves lives and keeps my love ones who are still alive safe and well then yes.”