A historic mosaic in Newport is once again at risk, with a large chunk having fallen off in recent days.

The mosaic, which celebrates the city’s market heritage, has been in place for over 30 years – but some major work may be required to secure its long term future.

Since the early 1990s, the mosaic has been in position on one of the walls connecting Newport city centre with the underpass below Old Green Roundabout – one of the city’s major linkways.

Located just a short distance away from the three indoor markets – Newport Indoor Market, Market Arcade, and Newport Arcade, the mosaic was designed to highlight the importance that these sites had on the history and development of the city.

But, the artwork, which was designed by Kenneth and Oliver Budd, is now under threat.

In recent days, a large chunk near to the top of the mural has fallen from the wall – leaving an ugly gap in an otherwise stunning piece of art.

It is not clear if the damaged section has remained intact, or if it has broken into a number of pieces.

However, the mural has been blocked off with a number of bright orange barriers – both to prevent further damage, and to keep members of the public safe should more pieces of material become displaced.

There is hope that repair work will soon be carried out to once again restore the mural.

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Haven’t we been here before?

Readers with a good memory may remember that this is not the first time that this mosaic has seen its future threatened.

In 2016, the very same piece of art began to fall apart, with a number of cracks and breaks leaving it something of a sorry sight.

But, in that instance, no single piece as big as the one missing in present day was noted.

However, following concern raised by The Argus and Newport Civic Society, Newport City Council commissioned a full assessment of the mosaic, which led to the damaged panels being replaced.