A WOMAN who worked as a social care worker across Gwent has been struck off.

Nanette Somers, a residential childcare worker based in Blaenau Gwent and Abergavenny, has been removed from the Social Care Wales register meaning that she is no longer able to practice in social care.

Social Care Wales’ Panel – chaired by Byron Davies – made the decision to impose a Removal Order for the childcare worker and have also imposed an Immediate Order which will stop her practising in the 28-days after Ms Somers is notified of the decision before the Removal Order becomes active.

Ms Somers was put on the Children’s Barred List on June 15 under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 which the Disclosure and Barring Service highlighted to Social Care Wales.

Ms Somers did not attend the hearing but the Panel, satisfied she had been given the required notification, proceeded with the hearing and found that Ms Somers was unfit to practice due to being on the Children’s Barred List and that there was no co-operation from Ms Somers.


The Panel found that while the incident which led to her being put on the list was isolated and there was provocation, that there was not sufficient evidence that if put under the same or similar situation, she would not repeat her actions.

Mr Davies said: “Reasons for mitigation include that she was provoked by the young person so was acting under duress. This is an isolated incident and she pleaded guilty to the offence.”

The Panel also found that her actions brought the profession into disrepute and that the factors against her were more severe. They said that she abused her position of trust and showed a lack of regard and remorse.

They also cited how her not appearing at the hearing and stopping co-operation meant that there was no way for the Panel to opt for a lower sanction.

Ms Somers is now unable to practice in social care.