ANIMAL lovers and kind-hearted people have come together to help a much-loved animal rescue centre.

Many Tears Animal Rescue was badly damaged by Storm Arwen in the early hours of Saturday morning which left them without power, with damaged buildings and the death of a puppy.

Within hours people travelled to the centre in Llanelli from many areas of Wales and as far as Devon to offer their help.

Sylvia Vanatta told the Argus that they had received a lot of support in the hours following the devastation. “The first thing that happened in the morning was someone turned up with 20 hot drinks and bacon butties for those helping.

“Others turned up and picked up bits and pieces they could to help tidy up. People started to come in to try and set the roof and people brought in hot water bottles and hot water as we did not have electricity until 3pm.

“They started a rota to fill up the bottles and put them under the puppies to keep them warm. Someone turned up from Devon to help and people, including the elderly, were coming to let us know where we could get supplies for the cheapest prices.

“One came from Bridgend and brought me and Bill dinner for the evening.

“It’s tidy now and if you don’t know where to look you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong but its still really badly damaged.”

They have been given a generator to help with power and builders have volunteered time to try and straighten the roof panels and other materials to make the kennels safe while supplies are sourced to do a proper repair.


Mrs Vanatta said that her and her husband were trying to prevent further damage at 2am, right in the middle of Storm Arwen, to try and keep the animals safe. She said: “The top roof came completely off and spun round in the air. We were trying to stop it lifting again at two am. There were three kennels quite close.”

The children’s classroom on the site was also badly damaged.

In a statement on Facebook, Mrs Vanatta thanked everyone who helped. She wrote: “We would like to thank everyone for their help and support today. We could not have done this without you all. We are so grateful for your support.

“It’s been a bittersweet day having lost Florence, a pup we were raising with her mum Libby’s help, bottle feeding every two hours day and night, which left us heartbroken, and to see such devastation at our rescue…

“And then to receive such wonderful support and kindness of man.”

Anyone who would like to help Many Tears Animal Rescue can donate here: