A three bedroom property located in Newport city centre is currently on the market with an almost unbelievably low guide price of £45,000.

It might seem a little too good to be true, and in all fairness, there is a catch.

Anyone looking to purchase this property must do so without looking inside.

Located at 19 North Street, the semi-detached property is just a couple of minutes away from the heart of the city centre.

But, while the property looks the part from the outside, the interior remains a mystery.

All of the doors and windows are currently boarded up, offering limited clues as to the condition of what lies inside.

According to Auction South Wales, no internal viewings are available “due to safety and lack of natural light due to all the windows and doors being boarded up”.

South Wales Argus: All of the doors and windows have been boarded up (Credit: Auction House South Wales)All of the doors and windows have been boarded up (Credit: Auction House South Wales)

It would appear as though the property has been left in this way for quite some time, too.

Looking back through the years, the house has been boarded up since 2008 at the very least, and possibly even longer.

During that time, little has changed – with one notable exception.

A few years ago, the property had a new slate roof fitted.

But, despite that, any new owner can expect a decent amount of work ahead of them.

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What’s on offer?

For anyone not put off by the prospect of a major renovation project, there is a decent amount of real estate on offer for the guide price.

A two storey house, it has an integral garage with all kinds of potential to convert this into additional living or bedroom space.

Floor plans suggest that the upstairs is home to three bedrooms and a family bathroom.

Meanwhile, to the rear of the house there is what has been described as “a decent sized garden” – though this is currently overgrown.

South Wales Argus: The rear of the property (Credit: Auction House South Wales)The rear of the property (Credit: Auction House South Wales)

Of course, a major selling point is also the location of the house.

The selling auctioneers estimate that the property is within easy walking distance of the main shopping precinct and Newport Railway Station.

The house at 19 North Street is set to be sold at auction on Wednesday December 8.

At this time, the online only auction is set to start at 12pm, and there is a guide price of £45,000, plus fees.

More information can be found online here.